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“Start where you are, use what you have. Do what you can”

Arthur Ashe

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Love Surveying ICON - power Session

Power Session

Need a quick win or brainstorm? If it relates to being in the business of surveying, or the next steps in your surveying career let’s have a chat and see if I can help you. A short sharp session to get you on the right track.


Surveyors Get Visible

Are you ready to get visible and share your passion for what you do with others? Join me for a training session to learn how to create engaging social media content.




What does it take to achieve RICS Fellowship? Join this insightful MRICS to FRICS with Impact workshop to learn how your story as a surveyor is the key to your FRICS success....and beyond.


What my clients say...

Bob Mitchel MRICS

“I was considering leaving a large national residential surveying company and going self-employed. I enrolled on Marion's coaching course and have never looked back! She gave me the tools I needed as well as made me question the desires and motivation for going self-employed. I now am fully in control of my own workload and destiny and am much happier.”

Bob Mitchel MRICS
Bob Mitchell Surveying Ltd

LS ICON - Surveyor Hub

Join the Surveyor Hub

You don't have to be on this journey alone. Join our thriving community of fellow enthusiasts, who speak your language and love surveying as much as you do.

LS ICON - podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Whether you’re making important career choices, building a team, juggling work and life or creating a legacy, hear from other surveyors which have done just that.

LS ICON - Women In Surveying 1

Women in Surveying

Women in Surveying brings female surveyors together giving us the chance to learn from each other, share experiences and give and receive advice and support.


“I met Marion just over a year ago when I’d setup my own business and can’t thank her enough for all the help support and guidance provided as a mentor and coach. I recently participated one of her business coaching programmes which was invaluable in not only shaping the business but working towards a better work life balance.”

Paul Cashmore MRICS
Baya Building Consultancy LLP

Emma McCluskey

“Since working with Marion, we have far greater clarity about the purpose of our business and the direction we are heading. Learning about our values and how they form the foundation of our business ethos has been invaluable. This programme has enabled us to re-frame the way we plan our working week, how we manage our finances, and the importance of allocating more time working ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ it.”

Emma McCluskey AssocRICS
McCluskey Surveyors Ltd

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The fun part of a journey is who you get to share it with.
You don't have to do this alone.