Women in Surveying


So here's the news - 85% of surveyors are men.
Let me rephrase that and say it a little louder...

15% of surveyors are female

RICS, March 2021


Female role models are in very short supply


It’s shocking and it doesn’t surprise me. I was able to purchase the Women in Surveying domain name for 99p from Go Daddy which for me, says a lot about how women have been valued and thought of in our industry over the years. I spent over two decades working in residential valuation and surveying and when I looked around my company for female role models they were in very short supply.

I knew very little about other women surveyors. I had lots of questions – such as what it was like going back to work after maternity leave, how they juggled work and family, what they did when their inner critic was giving them a really hard time. I didn’t know where female surveyors were – and when I found one I was too nervous to ask those questions.

But I really wanted to hear their stories – and I wanted to share mine. Because being one of 15% can feel pretty lonely.

Meet me at the water cooler...

With female surveyors working all around the country and often in many different ways, it’s pretty much impossible to get everyone together in one place at one time. So, after kicking around on my own for way too long, I decide it was time and back in 2018 I set up the Women in Surveying movement as a way to break the isolation and bring female surveyors together.

It’s not an organisation or a charity. I like to think of it as one big water cooler, giving us the chance to gather around and learn from each other (without the pressure of attending networking events if that’s not our thing!). It’s a place where we can share our experiences – both good and bad – and give and receive advice and support. I also hope that by banding together Women in Surveying will encourage and inspire other women to join our fantastic industry – and boost our numbers!


There are several ways you can get involved

Watch the 2018 Sisterhood Summit

In July 2018 I hosted a live virtual summit where over the course of three weeks I talked to a whole host of female surveyors about everything from diversity and menopause to networking and career breaks. The video conversations were real, revelatory, honest, and inspiring and are now available to watch for FREE online.

Join the Women In Surveying Community

We have a Women In Surveying LinkedIn group but I’m not going to lie; it tends to be very quiet in there. More active is our community Facebook group where you can connect with other friendly surveyors and join one of our regular zoom catch ups – just watch out for the event posts.

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MRICS to FRICS Fellowship Workshop

In 2019 the greatest number of women achieved RICS Fellowship in its 154-year history. Yet that is still just 4% women. Find out how you can start your journey here and sign up to the MRICS to FRICS Workshop.


What my clients say...

Maria Wiedner

“Marion Ellis is an excellent coach and business mentor who has immensely helped me with my personal development and achievements. Through her coaching, Marion has provided me with the tools and skills to enable me to improve my work/life balance, resulting in a positive shift to my wellbeing and life aspirations. Marion has been fundamental in supporting the surveying profession and advocating for the importance of independent surveyors’ practices, diversity and inclusion and the social value of the surveying profession.”

Maria Augusta Wiedner MRICS
Real Estate Finance and Diversity Expert, CEO at Cambridge Finance, CEO at RE:WOMEN

Mandy Spencely

The mutual support and encouragement from Marion and the Women in Surveying network was instrumental in me being awarded RICS Fellowship. I needed that push in the right direction and joining a group of like-minded surveyors gave me both the confidence to apply and a safe space to ask those niggling questions about procedure and application format.

Mandy Spencely FRICS
esurv Chartered Surveyors

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"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

Michelle Obama