The Power of Community

Hasn’t the world gone ever so lightly mad? In a short space of time things have turned upside down and we are facing fears we have only ever experienced in films.

Like many, it has made us think about the work we do, how we do it, and as an SME like many of you, how we will survive as a business. We have learned to be agile over the past few years. We don’t have an office anymore, we work virtually, we have effectively zero-hour contracts and consultants. We offer training and CPD to providers and so long as they are in business, then so are we.

Analysis Paralysis

What has really lifted our spirits is the support in The Surveyor Hub Community group. There has been a lot of debate as you can imagine with one main question – as surveyors do we or don’t we stop doing surveys?

So, should we – is it essential? Well, for our clients moving home yes, it is. Is it responsible to continue doing surveys? If the property is occupied, no. If it is an empty property, however, maybe….?? Many surveyors are looking for clear direction on what to do, to be led by the Government or their membership body and yet, as things stand right now, it is still a personal choice.

Our advice if you are in a flux of analysis paralysis is to start by asking your heart what it thinks, or your gut instinct, however scary that might feel. We don’t do this often enough. Then you need to ask yourself if you have enough information to make the decision, if not you need to go and find it.

Get Connected

Our opinion at BlueBox is to stay at home, it is what we are doing. We are working virtually to deliver training to our clients and support our community the best we can. Here are just some of the ways you can keep in touch with what is going on in your industry:

Join The Surveyor Hub Facebook Community – while there is a lot of discussion on the current situation, there is also a lot of useful surveying content to peruse and record as CPD.

We have created The Surveyor Hub for SME’s – a Facebook group for SME’s who want to work on their business while they are unable to work in their business. Like our main group Chatham House rules apply and we all contribute to support and not just take. We will share more on this as it develops.

The Surveyor Hub Podcast has just launched – we’d love it if you subscribed, downloaded and reviewed! We will be sharing thoughts and conversations from our communities – if you are interested in being part of a conversation please do drop us an email at

We are also hosting a Hub Conversations and a separate Women in Surveying video link networking hour – great if you have not used this technology before and want to experience it in a supportive environment.

You can also check out our website blogs or you can follow Marion Ellis on LinkedIn.

All of this is free. But if you do need specific help or one to one support with your business then reach out and we will do what we can.

Importantly, we don’t want you to ever feel alone as we navigate this fog together.

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