The Ellis Expedition

Many of you will know Graham Ellis. As Associate Director (residential) at RICS for the last 12 years, Graham and his colleagues were responsible for a wide range of ground breaking initiatives including the Home Survey product range and the Surveying of Residential Property Guidance Note to name just two. He also designed and launched the RICS Surveys in Practice roadshows which must be one of the longest running and most successful RICS CPD series ever. You may also have seen Graham enthusiastically speaking at RICS events large and small and from one end of the country to the other. He has championed many causes and one of his greatest passions is improving the role and relevance of the surveyor and valuer in the home buying and selling process.

You may also know that Graham has been poorly for a while and has recently announced he will not be getting a long awaited liver transplant. This will bring new challenges for Graham and his family.

Those who know Graham will not be surprised to hear that even during these difficult times, he is planning new initiatives. In his role as President of his beloved Southport Rugby Club, Graham is to lead a sponsored expedition to the South Pole – how cool is that (sorry, pun intended). Every member of Southport RFC are planning to collectively walk, run, cycle, swim or row the virtual 16 000kms from the ground on Waterloo Road to the South Pole raising money for Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals charity as they go. If the distance wasn’t hard enough they are planning to do this between the 1st and 31st July 2020.

But you don’t have to be a hairy arsed rugby player to join the expedition (sorry Graham – not all rugby players have one of those). There are two ways you can join in:

Alternatively, you can join the expedition itself by:

If you set up the app correctly, when you go for exercise and start the Strava app and it will track your activity and automatically add your distance to the challenge! Every step counts – a walk round the park, a bike ride, rowing along a river, it all adds to total. Phil Parnham is planning to walk up and down his staircase 10 times a day. Marion is going to restart her Couch to 5K (again). We will also be tracking how everyone is doing in The Surveyor Hub – if you don’t have (or want) the app you can still share on a weekly basis how well you are doing – it all counts.

Let’s help Graham get down with the penguins – see you on the pack ice (we just hope he packed enough warm jumpers!).

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