053 Business and Personal Development in the Property Industry

Michael Day is a Fellow of the RICS, National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). He has been a Partner and Director in some of the UK’s most successful property businesses and has held senior posts within the industry’s professional bodies. Since 2005, he has been an associate within a successful private practice, Integra Property Services.

As a well-known industry figure and a key influencer in the residential property sector, Michael is a regular contributor to the trade press and an experienced speaker at industry seminars, webinars, podcasts and conferences.

Training in the Property Industry

Starting his career early, Michael Day had an opportunity to try a little bit of everything within the industry, learn along the way and decide what he does and doesn’t want to do. 

“I’m a huge believer in qualifications, but at the end of the day, you’ve got to oversee, put them into practice and use them for some advantage,” he explains. “My view has always been that it’s not where you start, it’s where you get to and what you do. I feel that we’ve moved away from vocational and apprenticeship-style learning. And there’s a place for that. We’re sending kids to university to get a degree in something, but they’re not necessarily doing so because they’re going to get a particular direction. It’s just part of an experience, which is fine, but there needs to be routes for other people. One of the things that I hope will change in the coming years is that we will go back to a two-pronged strategy in terms of development for people.”

Agents Together

Michael points out that mental health is a growing issue in general, but also very much in the property industry. Last year, he co-founded Agents Together, a charity providing support and guidance to the agents all over the UK to maintain a healthy mind. The charity is currently mentoring around 250 people every month, helping them with their career and their personal developments, and building up their resilience and strength. 

“The charity was brought together with the intention of three pillars – healthy minds, healthy business and a healthy industry – because one leads to the other. We’ve done quite a lot of research in the well-being area and we’re working with 150 volunteer mentors across the industry at all different levels. It’s an opportunity for people to grow and learn and develop their own resilience. That confidence and resilience means that when the inevitable bumps in the road come along, you’re better equipped to deal with them. With greater isolation now, the ability to bounce off of your colleagues is harder. So Agents Together is delivering on that.” 

Developing Your Property Business

Michael emphasizes it is important to have a business plan and clear objectives that you measure yourself against. People can have all the technical qualifications, but they often need help with business development.

“One of the areas that I feel absolutely passionate about is that you should have a plan and identify where you are now, where you want to go, and then what route you’re going to take to achieve it. When it gets a little bit tougher along the way, you’ve got three choices with regards to your fees – you can put them up, you can leave them wherever they are or you can put them down. Many people just cut their fees to try and win more work, but they end up doing more and more work for less and less money. Professional people who’ve put a lot of work into reaching a certain level of technical ability should not be afraid of charging what they’re worth.”

“If you are a professional advisor for somebody through the transaction, in many cases, they do the job, they put the invoice in, they get paid, and then they sit down. But actually, they could stay in contact with that client, because that client will be doing something else at some stage that they could help them with, or they will have family or friends. The ability to build your business that way is largely missed. All you’ve got to do is end every conversation you have with somebody by saying, ‘now that I’ve helped you with whatever it is, do you know anybody else that I could help?’ You will double your business in a year.”

Stay Connected

Michael explains why it is helpful to be active within the industry and look for the opportunities to meet like-minded people in different organisations and bodies. 

“I was involved in these things for years and years, and I’m still involved in various organisations and bits and pieces outside of business. It’s good from a networking point of view, from a point of view of knowledge and information. All of this stuff helps shape the person you are,” he concludes. 

Connect with Michael Day:

* LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-day-173a2616


* Integra Property Services https://www.integra-ps.com/
* Agents Together https://www.agentstogether.co.uk/
* Simon Sinek – Start With Why https://www.amazon.com/Start-Why-Leaders-Inspire-Everyone/dp/1591846447/
* NAEA https://www.naea.co.uk/
* ARLA https://www.arla.co.uk/
* The Surveyor Hub Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/the.surveyor.hub.love.surveying