048 Survey Booker and Customer Experience with Matt Nally

Matt Nally is the founder and director of Survey Booker, a specialist CRM tool that helps surveyors to generate and convert more leads, as well as reduce admin work in the survey process. Survey Booker automates tasks such as quoting, payment, terms of engagement and survey updates, so surveyors can focus on the quality of contact with a customer and the quality of the survey itself. 

Customer Experience in the Surveying Industry

Although Matt Nally is not a surveyor by trade, his business research led him to discover potential gaps in the surveying industry and to search for a solution. Here are some of his findings.

“We conducted a lead response study to gauge the whole customer journey, especially the first response, first interaction after the lead contacts the business. I thought it’d be interesting to see how that equates to the surveying industry. So we emailed the surveyors, and 46% responded within an hour of us inquiring, whereas 15% never got back to us. Beyond that, we started to look at the quality of the response, how long the email was that we got back and how easy it was to get in touch. We studied the experience of getting to the website, and found that 59% of surveyors have what we call the modern website, meaning it’s optimised for mobile and images, but interestingly, we thought only around 28% have a strong call to action, a button that stands out for getting in contact, or getting quotes, or read more.”

“The other interesting part is,” Matt continues, “as obviously we put a lot of attention on data security, that 19% of websites have insecure data entry forms. Another thing is the value proposition that’s on the website. Sometimes it can be quite easy to go onto a website and not buy into that person, because it doesn’t have much information about them. It’s just ‘I am a surveyor, here’s a video about surveys, and this is the three types of survey.’ Instead, think about propositions in terms of this is what I’ll do for you for this survey, and this is what makes my service different. Ultimately, that makes it easier for your customers to understand why they’re paying more to use your services.”  

How Survey Booker Helps Surveyors

Survey Booker that Matt created is a customer relationship management platform, where surveyors can manage all of their quotes, jobs, and customers in one place and make their life easier.

“The system is set up to connect via a website, with referrers that you work with, or a lead generation tool. However you get your leads, they can feed into Survey Booker. You can choose to provide instant or manual quotes, depending on your processes and how you prefer to run your business. Ultimately, it is designed to cut out a lot of the admin work. Surveyors add value by surveying, and that’s where the skill set lies. If you’re distracted by multitasking, dealing with the firm’s documents, payments, or customer service updates, you’re getting taken away from where you’re actually adding value. There are a lot of studies that show how multitasking is inefficient and destructive. Survey Booker simplifies and cuts out a lot of pressure of what you need to do, so you can focus on that first conversation with your customer.”

Although Survey Booker and other tools like that can enhance your work, Marion stresses that it can never replace a human individual. So if you do have an admin person in your business, they can’t still manage that process using a tool like Survey Booker, but they can add value on that first phone call.

How Surveyors Can Improve Customer Journey

Marion and Matt go on to discuss how surveyors can improve the experience for their customers, and the whole onboarding process.

“People buy from people,” Marion says. “A lot of our surveyors talk about their best work coming from referrals, and yet on their websites, very often they do not have their picture, or if they do, it looks nothing like them. It might not seem important, but it erodes trust. What you’re looking to do when you engage with the customer is know, like and trust. When you look at your website, it needs to show why you’re passionate about being a surveyor.”

“In terms of managing the customer journey,” she continues, “you’re looking after unicorns, the beacons of light and positivity, and you’re helping them stay positive all the way through, even through bad news. You need to keep that dialog open, explain what you do and how you do it, and why you’re the best person to do that. Don’t be ashamed about the way you promote yourself upfront. It will make a massive difference. You can do that through your content, your website, or social media posts, and then you reinforce it on that first phone call, so that when they then talk to you about your fee and availability, it’s a no brainer to go with you because you’ve already established that relationship.”

“Speed is absolutely key to converting leads, Marion concludes. “If you can talk to that person, you can convert that lead. The problem for surveyors is that they’re not all great salespeople, and they don’t want to be either. But it’s talking directly to the customer that usually seals the deal. And very often the first question back from a surveyor is “What’s the address?” and “How much is the property?” That is not the way to do it. The first thing to start with is to give them that warm welcome and share the excitement of buying a property.”

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