026 Podcast Review So Far

The Surveyor Hub Podcast Review

With 25 episodes under the belt, this is a good moment to make a review of the most popular ones, ask for your feedback, and share the journey of The Surveyor Hub Podcast.

One thing that was really important to me when I decided to launch this podcast was that it was about people that you’ve probably never heard of. Whilst there are a few names that we’ve had that are the stars of the industry, I always find it inspiring when there are surveyors you’ve never heard of, who’ve had fabulous careers and done amazing things. And they’ve been brave enough to come and chat with me on a podcast, and share their story. Most of the conversations that I’ve had have been with people who run small businesses, and I’m always interested in the story of why and how they work for themselves.

I’m also really passionate about improving gender equality amongst other things in our industry, so I’ve been keen to make sure we’ve got a balance between women and men on the podcast.

And as COVID-19 hit right after the launch of the podcast, naturally the most popular episodes were about inspecting property under the new circumstances.


The Surveyor Hub Podcast Top 6 Episodes

03 The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Surveying Community – listen here

In Episode 003 we were speculating on the short-term and long-term impact the virus would have on the surveying community and how our work might change.

011 Special – Inspecting Residential Properties During Covid-19 – listen here

In Episode 011 we talked about how to approach risk assessments on residential properties, the implementation and practicality of PPE measures, revising your fees to account for the fact that it takes a lot longer to do an inspection of a property and the type of inspection that you then need to do. We also talked about the pressure of taking on work when actually it wasn’t sure whether it’s safe to do so.

016 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Dan Knowles – listen here

I found Dan’s story of how and why he became a surveyor so inspiring, and we also went into some of the technicalities of how to name a business and other branding tips. But most importantly, we talked about surveying superpowers and expressing empathy in our work.

005 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Justin Mason – listen here

Justin Mason carries out valuation work on the pretty high value property and we had a great conversation about overcoming the fear of valuation. There are a lot of surveyors who are put off by doing that kind of work, because it’s hard to get PII and there’s a high risk of being sued. We talked about what it’s like to value property, as well as about having confidence in yourself and trusting your gut instinct.

020 SME Surveyor Business Stories with Juliet Weston – listen here

Juliet Weston runs her own business, and I was very inspired by this woman who has had amazing resilience to get qualified, bring up children, travel around the world, even find work in a factory during COVID. She’s probably someone you’ve never heard of,  and is a great example of strength and a role model for women.

023 Women in Surveying with Mandy Spenceley – listen here

We talk about women in surveying what it is like to be a woman within the industry. We also talked about developing a leadership style, and how can a woman, when there aren’t many women leaders in our industry, then come through and identify as a role model.

If you’re interested in being part of the conversation and sharing your experience on the show, please get in touch. If you’re a surveyor that we’ve never heard of, if you run your own business and want to step into more visibility, we’d love to help you with that.

And please send us your feedback. What could we change? What could we improve? Do you have any guest suggestions? Please get in touch and let us know, and we’ll do our very best to improve, learn and grow.

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