The Business of Surveying

technical content

084 Sharing Technical Content

Would you like to share and write more technical content? Perhaps you want to promote your business and share technical content with a wider audience? Surveyors and valuers have a lot of good stuff to share that can make the world a better place. But sharing your expertise is not easy. It’s a skill to …

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082 Achieving Your Goals

Kirsty Knight is a certified life coach for female entrepreneurs in areas of business, money, time & productivity. She teaches ambitious entrepreneurs her system that covers productivity tactics, mindset work and business strategy.  Maybe there are things in your business that are not getting done. You’re finding yourself on a roundabout of analysis paralysis. The …

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right people

078 Attracting the Right People

The title “Attracting the Right People” may sound a little bit misleading, but don’t worry, I am not going to share dating tips with you. This piece is about engagement and visibility. You need to wave your flag high and be proud to get attention. But then you’ve also got to hold the conversation consistently …

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070 The Risk in Your Business

At least once a week, a surveyor contacts me who has received a complaint or claim and doesn’t know what to do, or is now struggling to obtain PII insurance. And yes, while the market for insurance isn’t great, the premiums are high, customers are a pain in the neck and didn’t read the report. …

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planning your business

068 Planning Your Business

“In preparing for battle, I have often found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  – Dwight D. Eisenhower    Be they small business owners, managers, CEOs or students aspiring to run their own businesses, surveyors often reach out to me for help with business planning. There are a million different gurus, methods, books …

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066 What’s your motivation?

At some point in your career, you might ask  “Should I work for myself or not?”  Maybe you are a student starting out. Maybe you have past experience of being an entrepreneur or owning a business. Maybe you’re employed but not being able to create the work-life balance that you crave. Or maybe you already …

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064 Surveyors Get More Visibility

When surveyors and trainees share with me their worries and fears about being a professional surveyor and having more visibility on social media, they typically fall into three categories.  Firstly, they don’t know how to use the tech or get overwhelmed by which platform is best.  I would say that any platform is best, just …

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