The Love Surveying

12-week mastermind to help you build
a business that lights you up

Starts September 12th, 2022

Define your purpose

Achieve your goals

Make an impact


Going it alone is hard.


The life of a surveyor can be a lonely one. Who do you talk to and where do you go to get the advice, guidance and support you need?

Trying to work out what's important to you, how you can make a difference and how to do the work you love without burning out can have you going round in circles. Especially when you've only got yourself to discuss it with.

It's so easy to get overwhelmed with all the things. And an over- whelmed mind does nothing.

But, it doesn't have to be that way.

The fun part of a journey is who you get to share it with.
You don't have to do this alone.

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"I've really enjoyed being part of a community of like-minded people, striving for improvement, and making a difference. I've connected with my values and enjoy a better work-life balance."

Daniel Hindson MRICS, Hindson & Collier Chartered Surveyors Ltd


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A powerful tool for success

Taking time out to work on your business is the key to success. This 12-week mastermind will help you:

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    Make yourself a priority. Harness the skills, habits and mindset you need to bring your ideas and inspirations to life. Prioritise the actions that will keep you on track.

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    Learn from trusted experts. Get sound advice, guidance and strategies from those who know your industry, speak your language and understand your world.

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    Share the journey. Experience the momentum that comes when like-minded people get together to solve problems, develop ideas and strive for improvement.

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    Understand yourself. Connect with your strengths, values and purpose, so you can do more of the work you love, with the people you love working with.

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    Make time for what matters. Achieving your business goals is possible without compromising your home life. Learn how to do the work you love, and spend time with the people you love.

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    Make an impact. Support others, leave a legacy and make the difference you want to make. Changing the world starts with being the best you can be.

The right support changes everything


With over 20 years' experience in the residential property sector, I know what it's like to try and find all the answers on your own, or to feel like there's a missing piece, but not know what it is, or what's possible.

I wanted to offer the support, tools and structure I wished I'd had access to during my career in both corporate and SME environments, as well as when I finally bit the bullet and went out on my own.

I'm absolutely passionate about supporting those in my profession who want to do more, be more and give more.

This mastermind is about finding your voice, feeling confident about who you are, defining your purpose, building a business you love, having a work life balance that's right for you, making an impact ... and having fun!

All of those things are possible. Let me show you how.

Vanessa Hardwick

“When I started my new business venture, I found myself quite lost on what I thought I needed to do to run a successful company. The feeling of being overwhelmed and trying to filter through the noise of advice and guidance was challenging. Working with Marion proved to be a springboard not only for my personal development but understanding more about the type of company I wanted to grow and how to approach this. ”

Vanessa Hardwick MRICS
V Hardwick Ltd

Is the Love Surveying Mastermind right for you?


Who this is for

The Love Surveying Mastermind is for surveyors who love what they do, and want to be more intentional about the business and career they're building.

With a big emphasis on social impact, making a difference in people's lives and creating a work life balance that allows you to thrive, this mastermind is designed to help you love being 'in the business of surveying'.


Who this isn’t for

The Love Surveying Mastermind is not designed for those who are newly qualified. Check out the Love Surveying Business Club, or free Surveyor Hub Community Group.

It also wouldn't suit surveyors who are not looking to explore how they can make an impact. This mastermind is very much focused on having a purpose, changing lives and leaving a legacy.

A 12-week mastermind for surveyors who love surveying, and life

Here's how it works:

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Prioritise your business

Weekly calls are first thing in the morning, so you can work on your business before you start your work day. They will also be recorded for those who can't attend live.


Work in a small, intimate group

Groups are kept small so that everyone gets the time they need. If the world allows, there will also be an informal in-person event, to meet each other in real life!

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Hot seat your challenges

Each 12-week mastermind includes a kickstarter assessment, weekly hot seats and a 1:2:1 wrap up call. Members can also support each other in our Voxer group.

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Understand your motivations

Using a Motivational Mapping profiling tool, I will help you understand what makes you tick, what matters to you, what impact you can make and the next steps to take..

Your investment? Just £1,197 per person (3 & 6 month payment option available)

Your questions answered

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    How will it help me grow my business? You became a surveyor because you love surveying, but are you still doing the work that lights you up? This mastermind will help you assess where you're at, reconnect with what you want and get the help & support you need to grow your business and create the future you dream of.

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    How will it help me build a legacy? With years of valuable experience and expertise under your belt, we'll help you give back to the profession you love in whatever way feels good to you. That may be mentoring or training others, making a social impact or preparing to leave your business the way you want. It's about making sure your story has the Happy Ever After it deserves.

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    Why no newly qualified surveyors? As a newly qualified surveyor, you may have lots of surveying related questions and will need to focus on the job at hand. A mastermind is not the best place for you to get the support you need at such an early stage of your journey. However, if you are interested in starting a business the Love Surveying Business Club might be just the place for you to connect with others until you are ready to uplevel or find more meaning in your work.

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    I'm qualified but want to set up on my own, can I join the mastermind? Yes, this is a great way to find support and get going, however developing a good grounding for your reasons for setting up in business is key to your success in developing a sustainable way to work and in turn creating a good work life balance.

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    I don’t run a traditional surveying business/ I am not a surveyor but I work with them, can I still join? Yes! Many surveyors do other things such as deliver training or provide support services. Having multiple income streams gives you flexibility and resilience in a changing market and we can help you with that. If you are 'in the business of surveying' in some way the mastermind can help you understand the language of surveyors and what makes them tick. Wherever you start, I can help you develop your plans and business.

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    Can this mastermind help me achieve my FRICS? Yes, but it's also much more than that. If you want to get your FRICS you just need to fill out the form and demonstrate your experience. But, if meaning and purpose is important to you, you want to make an impact and leave a legacy, this mastermind is perfect for you. You might also want to check out my MRICS to FRICS with Impact workshop which is also free to Love Surveying Business Club members.

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    How will it work? The weekly sessions will include a check-in with everyone, and then hot seats for members to bring a specific question and get advice, feedback and direction from the group. A recording will be made available, but members are expected to attend as many as they can to get the most out of the experience and to support others. All sessions will be completely confidential. Chatham House rules apply.

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    What is Voxer? It's a platform you can engage with your group on, away from the usual noise of WhatsApp, Linked In and Facebook.

Don't struggle on your own. We can help you navigate
the business journey that's right for you.