There are only 24
hours in a day.

How you use it is the difference
between success and failure

Do work you love, for people you like, who pay you what you're worth


The never ending to do list


You know you need to know and do so many things to feel in control of your business:

  • create a business plan
  • price competitively
  • market your services
  • audit and prepare for your PII renewal

– all the elements of a well-run company that will help you reduce the risk in your work. And, of course, that is on top of dealing with those clients that you sometimes love and sometimes don’t.

There are only 24 hours in a day. There is only one of you. So how do you decide what is essential, where to get started and when to delegate and outsource?

It’s your life, not just your business

I can help you get clarity on the things that matter to you, develop a network of support, and enjoy your business – feeling connected to others along the way can help with the feeling of isolation, so many small business owners face.

I began my career as a surveyor and valuer in south London. I’ve been responsible for surveyor defect and valuation claims at a large corporate firm of surveyors. I’ve worked with clients and surveyors of different flavours, skill sets and backgrounds – a unique experience that led me to research more about customers and clients and why things sometimes go wrong for surveyors.

Notably, I’ve learned no one comes to work to do a lousy job; our working environments are crucial to our success as much as the technical skills and qualifications we so often crave and that’s why I place so much focus on your well-being and a life plan, not just a business plan.

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Come for the content, stay for the community

LS ICON - Surveyor Hub

Join the Surveyor Hub

You don’t have to be on this journey alone. Join my thriving community of fellow enthusiasts who speak your language and love surveying as much as you do.

LS ICON - podcast

Listen to the Podcast

Whether you’re making important career choices, building a team, juggling work and life or creating a legacy, hear from other surveyors which have done just that.

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Women in Surveying

Women in Surveying brings female surveyors together giving us the chance to learn from each other, share experiences and give and receive advice and support.


What my clients say...

justin mason[67]

“Marion is a first-class coach, mentor and role model: she has complete dedication to her clients and their empowerment. I have had the great pleasure of working with Marion in recent years and she has helped me to finally achieve work/home integration and the greatest of satisfaction in my career, culminating in achieving Fellowship of RICS. She has tremendous insight and can cut through to the main issues, presenting a range of suggestions for action which suit each individual's circumstances. I found Marion a calm and reassuring guide. If you find yourself at a crossroads or simply want to fulfil your potential, I cannot recommend Marion highly enough.”

Justin Mason FRICS
Justin Mason Valuation Ltd

Kate Taylor

“I set up my own business in 2014 and have spent years developing a training product with lots of potential but not enough market share or income. Marion helped me to analyse my different business streams and importantly link to my values. She has enabled me to sustain APC client support without burning myself out. I have learnt to step up and be more visible in a more authentic way and this has helped increase my engagement, credibility and reach my target audience. Sales of my Revision Guides have increased 30% and as have the uptake of my other services. I am generally happier, more successful; it has been worth the investment.”

Kate Taylor FRICS


Yes, you can. You just haven't worked out how yet...

I've run numerous small business masterminds and workshops and developed my skills as a surveyor and a business mentor and coach.

I'm an average working mum who's learnt the hard way in my career to trust my gut instinct and work out what's important to me in the world of surveying. Because despite all the professions we could choose, there is a reason we do this underestimated work, and I'm curious and inspired by that.

By focusing on what really matters to me, my career has taken me on a journey I never thought I would dream of, creating The Surveyor Hub Community, launching a podcast, and hosting a Women in Surveying virtual summit. I'm a current member of the RICS Governing Council, I sit on the RICS PII Advisory Board, I judge at the UK Customer Experience, Complaint Handling and Small Business awards and I'm a qualified One of Many women's leadership coach.

Now I use my experience to help surveyors make decisions in their careers and businesses and build a life they deserve, and which aligns with their values.