When business is about people, planet and profit, in that order,
everyone wins

It’s up to us to create the world we want to live in


The values driving our businesses


Surveying is so much more than the work you do on a daily basis, it's about your purpose, your values and the lives you touch.

I'm a huge supporter of Mary Portas' Kindness Economy and looking at how we can build an economy that's not just based on growth and profit, but also on the wellbeing of our people and planet.

We all get to play a small part. It's up to us to decide what's important and how we can help create the world we want to live in, and leave behind for future generations. That's why I have aligned my business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Love-Surveying-Un ICON-3 Good Health and Well-being

People, planet, profit. People come first

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal
#3 Good health and well-being

Something I saw over and over, as I spent many years handling customer complaints and claims, was the emotional cost to everyone when things go wrong.

It's one of the reasons I focus so much on helping surveyors trust their gut to make good decisions, for themselves and their customers.

But, trusting your gut is difficult if you're feeling mentally drained, and mistakes are more likely to occur if you're run ragged.

Making your own health and wellbeing a priority is critical not just for you, but for your family and your customers. When you look after yourself, you're in a better place to look after everyone else. Your health and wellbeing has to come first.

Love-Surveying-Un ICON-5 Gender Equality

People, planet, profit. Our beautiful planet

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal
#5 Gender Equality


The smallest things can make the biggest difference. From signposting a website about sustainability to letting customers know about their nearest recycling centre, there are so many ways that, together, we can play our part in looking after our planet and empowering the people who live on it.

One of the causes I'm committed to supporting is The Hunger Project, who are working to end extreme hunger and poverty by 2030.

When you invest in yourself and your business, through 1:1 coaching or the Love Surveying mastermind, part of your investment will go to The Hunger Project's Unleashed Women initiative, empowering women to lead community development projects to end hunger in their villages.

Image courtesy of The Hunger Project.org.uk

Love-Surveying-Un ICON-8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

People, planet, profit. Business for good

Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal
#8 Decent work and economic growth

For your career and business to feel good, do good and give you the life you want it needs to be successful and profitable. Nobody benefits from you struggling to make ends meet.

I help surveyors who are passionate about what they do, harness that energy and enthusiasm so they can recognise their value and get paid what they're worth.

Making a healthy profit means you get to do more of the work you love, with the people you love working with. It also means you get to contribute in the ways you want to, make the impact you want to make and leave the legacy you want to leave.

When you do well, everyone wins.


What my clients say...

justin mason[67]

I have finally achieved

work/home integration

“Marion is a first-class coach, mentor and role model. She's helped me to finally achieve work/home integration and the greatest of satisfaction in my career, culminating in achieving Fellowship of RICS. She has tremendous insight and is a calm and reassuring guide. If you find yourself at a crossroads, or simply want to fulfil your potential, I cannot recommend Marion highly enough.”

Justin Mason FRICS
Justin Mason Valuation Ltd

Kate Taylor

I am happier and

more successful

“I spent years developing a training product with lots of potential but not enough market share or income. Marion helped me analyse my different business streams, and link them to my values. She taught me how to step up, be more visible in an authentic way, without burning out. Sales of my Revision Guides are up 30%, as are my other services. I am happier and more successful.”

Kate Taylor FRICS

LS ICON - Sisterhood 1

Why I do what I do


I saw first hand, at a young age, the devastating impact it can have on a family when something goes wrong with their home.

When my mum purchased her 1950's council house, under the right to buy scheme back in the 80's, the bank told her she didn’t need a survey as it was a terrace.

That was bad advice. The house was in poor condition and the floor, which had sulphate attack, eventually started to sag. With interest rates at 15% she couldn't afford to get it repaired, and had to live with it for many years before she finally got help from the council.

Stories like my mum's were not uncommon. Although I didn't realise it at the time, it was seeing how something a survey would have picked up caused my mum so much distress, that led me to qualifying as a chartered surveyor in 2004.

LS ICON large

Talking about the business of surveying

Love-Surveying-ICON - YOUTUBE-Large


Find me on You Tube, discussing a range of topics from networking and work life balance to diversity and inclusion.

Love-Surveying-ICON - LINKEDIN-Large


I'm active on Linked In most days, starting and contributing to conversations about all things surveying. Feel free to connect.

Love-Surveying-ICON - Speech-Bubble-Blue


If you're looking for a speaker or podcast guest with a quite unique perspective on the world of surveying, and the people in it, drop me a line.

Focusing on what matters

Despite all the professions you could have chosen, there is a reason you do what you do, and I'm curious and inspired
by that. I also know the importance of working out what's important, and doing more of that. By focusing on what really
matters to me, my career has taken me on a journey I never dreamed possible. So far, that has included:

  • LS ICON heart

    Creating The Surveyor Hub Community

  • LS ICON heart

    Launching The Surveyor Hub podcast

  • LS ICON heart

    Hosting the Women in Surveying Sisterhood Summit

  • LS ICON heart

    Being elected as a member of the RICS Governing Council  representing UK & I and contributing to the Steering Committee for the RICS Levitt Review

  • LS ICON heart

    Sitting on the RICS PII Advisory Board

  • LS ICON heart

    Being an ambassador for Get Kids into Surveying

  • LS ICON heart

    Judging at the UK Customer Experience, Complaint Handling and Small Business awards

  • LS ICON heart

    Judging at the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year Awards

  • LS ICON heart

    Qualifying as a One of Many women's leadership coach and
    a Motivational Maps practitioner

  • LS ICON heart

    Being invited to become an ambassador for the Lionheart
    charity, supporting RICS members

  • LS ICON heart

    MD at BlueBox Partners and overseeing its acquisition by qualification and software provider Sava

Setting up my own business, and becoming an influencer,
has given me a platform to help more surveyors
be their best selves so they can make an impact too.

Championing our profession

I'm proud of our profession, and all the amazing people in it, and grab any opportunity to talk about it.
Here are a selection of my recent articles, podcasts and talks.