Hart v Large

Hart v Large – the January 2021 Appeal Court Decision Summary by Carrie de Silva

Carrie de Silva LlB (Hons) MA i is a Principal Lecturer, Harper Adams University and a Consultant for BlueBox Partners Ltd. Background: Hart v Large case Most readers will, over the past nine months, have come across the High Court case of Hart v Large where a residential surveyor and valuer was found to be negligent.  This is …

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Verbal Reporting with John Wheatley – Mentorber

As part of our Mentorber Series to support students and mentees experienced Chartered Building Surveyor and technical trainer, John Wheatley, explains why verbal reporting is so important for clients and our reputation as surveyors. Discussions between surveyors and their clients are invaluable. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how seriously you take the client’s interests, and how …

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The Ellis Expedition

Many of you will know Graham Ellis. As Associate Director (residential) at RICS for the last 12 years, Graham and his colleagues were responsible for a wide range of ground breaking initiatives including the Home Survey product range and the Surveying of Residential Property Guidance Note to name just two.

You may also know that Graham has been poorly for a while and has recently announced he will not be getting a long awaited liver transplant. This will bring new challenges for Graham and his family.


The Power of Community

Hasn’t the world gone ever so lightly mad? In a short space of time things have turned upside down and we are facing fears we have only ever experienced in films.

Like many it has made us think about the work we do, how we do it, and as an SME like many of you, how we will survive as a business. We have learned to be agile over the past few years. We don’t have an office anymore, we work virtually, we have effectively zero-hour contracts and consultants. We offer training and CPD to providers and so long as they are in business, then so are we.


Corporates: What SMEs can Learn from them

When Eliud Kipchoge pulled off his epic sub 2-hour marathon he was hailed as a hero. He pushed himself to the limit and achieved something no other human on the planet had been able to do.

But then, well, he did get a lot of help, didn’t he? He didn’t do it the hard way like most of us working through our NHS Couch to 5k Apps.


How to Deal with what we have Seen?

A picture of a blocked toilet has caused quite a bit of debate over in The Surveyor Hub. And to reassure you, there are NO no pictures of it here. It was filthy. One can only imagine the smell. And the debate was whether it should have been posted or not. Some of it was quite funny, disbelief at what we have seen but also it’s very sad and here’s why…