You love surveying.
I help you navigate the business journey that's right for you.

Coaching for surveyors and those in 'the business of surveying’

Attract the clients you want to work with

Build the business you want to build

Make the impact you want to make


You love surveying, but do you love running your business?

You'll have any number of reasons for starting your business. You wanted to get off the treadmill. You wanted to be your own boss. Maybe you saw an opportunity and thought "Let's give it a go". All great reasons.

But, being 'in the business of surveying' also means having to master skills such as:

  • promoting yourself
  • explaining the value you provide
  • attracting & engaging the right clients

And, if you want your business to thrive:

  • making sales! 

The problem is, those things might not come easily to you. If they don't, you're not alone. And, you are in the right place ...

Building a business doing what you love shouldn't be so hard.


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    Monthly membership, with Private Facebook group

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    Weekly drop in business clinic and Q&A

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Monthly networking and mini mastermind sessions

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Monthly trainings on relevant business topics

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Live sessions with guest speakers and industry experts

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    Further opportunities to work with me, in small groups or 1:2:1

All for just £60 per month or £550 for 12 months

(£170 saving when paid in full)

Whatever success looks like for you, we're here to help you achieve it


1. Join The Business Club

You don't have to be on this journey alone. Join our thriving community of fellow geeks, who speak your language and love surveying as much as you do.


2. Get the support you need to thrive

Whether you’re making important career choices, building a team, juggling work and life or creating a legacy, you’ll get the coaching and connection you need to thrive.


3. Build a business, doing what you love

Whatever stage of business you're at, we'll help you harness the skills, habits and mindset you need to create the success you dream of. On your terms!


Hone your business skills. Create the success you want.

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    Clarify your message. Learn how to confidently talk about what you do in a way that attracts the clients you want to work with

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Be seen and stand out. Discover how to promote yourself and get visible, in a way that feels comfortable and easy for you

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Engage with customers. Build good relationships, based on trust, as you master the art of customer engagement

  • The-Love-Surveying-Business-Club-Icon-Orange-heart

    Make sales. Learn how to confidently communicate your value, and ask for the sale, without ever feeling salesy

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    Make an impact. Reconnect with why you do what you do, so you can make the difference you want to make.

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    Leave a legacy. Build a business with purpose and meaning. Create the life you want for you and your family.

Larry Russen

“Marion and I worked together as teaching colleagues on a number of projects and her training, business mentoring and interpersonal skills are excellent. Marion was able to steer our business through a challenging period during the pandemic, supporting her colleagues and community along the way. I recommend Marion unreservedly.”

Larry Russen FRICS - BlueBox Parteners Ltd

Ruth Brown

“I started to work with Marion because I had anxiety about lack of work in my practice. I felt stuck and was not making any progress but with Marion’s encouragement and journaling around some issues, I figured out I was happy with my business and didn’t need to make drastic changes. The change in mindset made all the difference.”

Ruth Brown MRICS - Ruth Brown & Co Ltd

The Eight Elements of a Successful Surveying Business

Reducing risk is not just about being technically competent. Having a well-run, structured business that supports you and your customers will also reduce the likelihood of things going wrong.


The Business Club is designed to help ensure you have all the key
elements you need in place to grow your surveying business
and set yourself up for success.

This isn't just CPD. This is about your life, business and legacy.


With 20 years’ experience in the residential property sector, and having qualified as a chartered surveyor in 2004, I understand the challenges many in my profession face. 

I've seen this industry from every side, and spent much of my career focused on customer complaints and claims. I worked in both corporate and SME environments, before getting off the exhausting treadmill and working for myself. 

So, I know the terrain and I know how important it is to find a path through it that feels right for you. 

Your best compass is knowing yourself, learning to trust your instincts and making decisions about your career, and life, that feel aligned with your values and what matters to you. 

For me, professional development and personal wellbeing go hand in hand. It's why I created Love Surveying, a place for surveyors like you to face, share and confidently handle the unique pressures and challenges that come with building a business, doing what you love.

Headshot photo of Mark Pearce

“For someone who runs a small business and is directly responsible for the day-to-day (and bigger) business decisions, the Love Surveying Business Club is proving to be a unique place for support, unlike anything I have seen anywhere else in the last 25 years!”

Mark Pearce MRICS - PBSC Surveyors

JG Pic

“I have found the Love Surveying Business Club really useful so far. All the members are in the same boat but can offer different ideas and solutions which has been great. I will also stick some of the events down as CPD.”

Jonathan Graham MRICS - Foresite Surveyors